Dan sesungguhnya telah Kami berikan hikmat kepada Luqman, yaitu: "Bersyukurlah kepada Allah. Dan barangsiapa yang bersyukur (kepada Allah), maka sesungguhnya ia bersyukur untuk dirinya sendiri; dan barangsiapa yang tidak bersyukur, maka sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kaya lagi Maha Terpuji." (LUqman:12)

During 25th till 26th this December, I went to Gombak , just to pay visit to my old friend that has never been seen for almost a year. I drove my own Satria car from Sepang to Gombak. I reached there by 11.45am, almost 1 quarter half hour. There, in the rent house in Taman Melati I saw many of my old friend, including my ex-Senior in PMI , Akhi Amin, Syam, Hilmi and Wafi . That day we have reunion all day long.

"Akhi, lama x jumpa, kemana pergi?"
" Buat apa sekarng akhi?"

That is the words that I always been ask for. Am I gulity? Not sure but for me they have rights to ask me. Why? I left all of them without any news- except the news on Facebook because I always updating it. Emm..maybe I should use twitter somehow.

Below is the activity done by me and others....cheer up!

Hendri now buy a new laptop. Everyone is so impressed with his Mini Laptop, which the programs run through Intel Atom Z processor. Am I right hendri?

This is the picture on the 2nd day held in Sg. Dua Ulu Yam. There, we have many things especially riadah like tarik tali, main macam budak2, sembang2 and also lunch. The atmosphere, river and lake is so magneficient!
At 4 O'clock, I'm going back to Sepang. Really Tired!

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Have riadah in Bukit Merah, laketown resort

Within my sadness before, I decided to have riadah (picnic) with my family, just to release the tension. Well actually I really enjoy! My mom and dad doesn't angry with me (as I expected) but advice me to WORK HARD. Well, as a son, I really can say I'll DO MY BEST...

Yesterday, I have riadah in Bukit Merah. That palce is such enjoying and fun.My brother and sister are also there too.

This is the picture that I could bring by now... from my hphone.

Sedihnye perasaanku!

For 5 months I didn’t doing anything for this blogs. Until today, I have think my rights to say about it here . It’s all about my sadness after pursuing the EASA here. Hmm…what I’m going to do now?.....sob2

18 Dec 09- I manage to make myself to go back home after struggling to get pass the exam.. Honestly, I actually in dilemma after knowing that I could not pass the exam. Just for today I got both 2 papers ( Module 4 and 5) and both failed. Which means 3 papers that I recently take failed! I’m really embarrassed to know that. Why not? My parents always hoping that I could pass the exam and become the engineer in matter of time. But the fate yet have taken. I now just pray…pray and hoping that the examiner could change the passing marks from 75 to 70 so I and the others that failed could pass the exam. Hmmm…sedehnye!!!

Ya Allah! Bring me HOPE…I need you more than others. I need to kow why I’m failed. Is it because of my past…the wrong doing that I have committed before? I need the answer….

Right now, 6.48pm…I’m now standing at the departure hall in KLIA …Me, now looking toward the window….which the sun recently turn into dusk. But the airplane down there still operate to take or bring down the passengers. Airport Busy. Airplanes busy. I still looking forward …what I’m going to do for my future?………ALLAH KNOWS. Ah…time to pray for Maghrib!….


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