Dan sesungguhnya telah Kami berikan hikmat kepada Luqman, yaitu: "Bersyukurlah kepada Allah. Dan barangsiapa yang bersyukur (kepada Allah), maka sesungguhnya ia bersyukur untuk dirinya sendiri; dan barangsiapa yang tidak bersyukur, maka sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kaya lagi Maha Terpuji." (LUqman:12)

Braeking news ;Israel raid : very2 Disappointed !

Latest from Lifeline4 gaza; Press release

Monday 31st May 2010
The Government of Malaysia is urged to condemn Israeli raid on the Lifeline4Gaza humanitarian aid flotilla
Latest Development on the Lifeline4Gaza Flotilla;
1. As have been widely publicised, the Lifeline4Gaza flotilla has come under attack by the Israeli armed forces. Israeli aggressors have boarded the capital ship Mavi Marmara and open fire resulting in 3 volunteers dead and more than 30 others seriously injured. Mavi Marmara is one of the 7 strong flotilla enroute to Gaza to deliver the much awaited material aids to the besieged people of Gaza.
2. Twelve volunteers including media representatives from Malaysia is on board the capital ship Mavi Marmara. Their participation is purely humanitarian in nature.
3. All the objectives and movement of the flotilla is in compliance with the UN Security Council Resolution 1860 (2009) and all relevant maritime regulations. Resolution 1860 stated among others:
a) Appeal for deliverance of humanitarian aid to Gaza including food, fuel and medical assistance.
b) Urge efforts to ease passage and other mechanisms for the unimpeded deliverance of aids.
c) Call for all nations to support such efforts at the international level to alleviate the dire humanitarian and economic situation in Gaza
d) condemns acts of agression and attacks on civilians and all forms of acts of terrorism.
Every Malaysian participants in the flotilla are holding fast to the international regulations and laws and vow to uphold the goodname of Malaysia and our national aspirations.
4. The flotilla is laden with 10,000 tonnes of material aid. Over 540 volunteers are on board Mavi Marmara, including Parliamentarians, academics, journalists, scholars, an infant less than a year old and a senior citizen over 80 years old. No weapons were brought in this flotilla even for self defense which testifies to the wholly humanitarian nature of the mission.
5. Based on these facts it is very clear indeed that Israel has violated international laws. Whatmore the raid took place in international waters and on an unarmed aid ship on a humanitarian mission. Israeli rash action deserve a worldwide condemnation in the strongest possible term.
6. We appeal to the Government of Malaysia under the premiership of YAB Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak and Datin Seri Paduka Rosmah Mansor in her capacity as patron for the Palestinian Aid Donations Drive to issue a statement condemning Israel for the murderous aggression on a peaceful flotilla whose objective is to deliver aid to the beseiged people of Gaza.
7. We call for the UN to convene an emergency assembly to pass a strong resolution against Israel and to summon Israeli leaders to the international court of justice for crime against humanity.
8. We call upon the Malaysians from all walks of life to express their utmost concern of the grave situation and to be ready to respond to any need for action and calls for our support in dealing with the incident.
9. We appeal to all political leaders, NGOs and the Malaysia people to join together in coming to the aid of the volunteers.
10. We also call upon every strata of the society to continue to supplicate and pray for the success of this mission and the safety of the volunteers from further untoward incidence.
Zulkifli Mohd Nani
Crises Management Team for LL4G Malaysia

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Latest news from freegaza via twitter

SM Media Office: Physicians for Human Rights sending doctors to Rambam to help and intervene if necessary #Flotilla

More news canbe followed here

Live About GAZA voyage!!

Convoys are moving to enter the Palestine Territory this Morning
Watch live streaming video from insaniyardim at livestream.com

Safety wire, check on corrosion applied...

Last Thursday, we have training on safety wire and corrosin check on the aircraft in the hangar. The instructor, Hj. Megat have divide members of easa4 into small groups. Each group with 4 members have to check wether the parts in the airplane or helicopter like safety wire have to be replace or not. If none of that things can be find, then other parts must be resolve- find the corrosion parts, clean and fix it.

My group, have checking on boeing727 left landing gear and we found 2parts -turnbuckles. That turnbuckles safety wiring must be replaced with the new one .The tools that we used is safety wiring pliers, long nose pliers. The wire for turnbuckles that we used is wire 1/32 inch diameter.

Making the safety wiring on pipes connector

Helicopter- Check the corrosion,Clean and reinstall the push pull rod and chains back to its place

Next day, we have made check on the jackscrew whether the jack screw have the corrosion or not. We open on each part and check any suspicious or dent on the gear of the jackscrew. Oh ya, know the jackscrew? It’s the moving part(connect to the hydraulic pump through the lever ) that does make elevator or flaps moving up or down depending on the aircraft. The a/c that my team does it is on the HS125.

Gear that connect to the gear box of the jackscrew.
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Flush patch

2. flush patch-

Tools-same as to what we need for surface patch.

What we do;
Calculate ed,rd,nr n rl. Cut the sheet metal following the diagram of flush metal on a piece of sheet that patched onto that surface. Filling it, (Note:make the center punch befor drill) make a hole, (the plug and skin) with diameter of 3/32 inch. On the skin, make countersunk with using the countersink drill. Then rivet both skin and patch. At the center, rivet the plug onto the patch.

Once finished, clean the flush patch with the soap. Soak it in the alodine to prevent it from corrosion for 5 minutes. Clean the flush patch with water and dried it well

The skin countersink is looks like 'flower'- does happen because of unpropagated adjustment and maintaining the countersinking drills to the skin.

Once finished, clean the flush patch with the soap. Soak it in the alodine to prevent it from corrosion for 5 minutes. Clean the flush patch with water and dried it well

Next---> will be Door Access panel
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Piala Thomas terlepas....huhu

16 May: That day I have my lunch at Restoran Selera Kampung -SAS at 2nd floor of 9th avenue, situate front of the Giant Nilai. Likely to say, I have my lunch after have a shopping spree at Giant-buy the things that I need for.

During I have my lunch, I've got most of my time to have eye view on the projector screen. It's not discovery channel..Nat geo or something alike it...it's an event of badminton-live i KL. Likely to say-Malaysia fail to entitle Thomas cup for... many times.

Nasi+Fried chicken leg+Ulam+Pucuk ubi masak lemak. The results=tasty and nutritious
China won this game...huhu. Win to entitle both- Thomas and Uber cup.
Agong and Queen give respect to the Negaraku
When can 'we' win the Thomas cup? Answer: back to basics. Muhasabah and Mujahadah for the things happen before...

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Sukaneka at P.Dickson

Last Saturday 22nd May, I went to P.dickson to have the rehlah n barbeque with the member of Silat Cekak. At least 14 members gethered there by cars and motorcycles. The event starts at 10am with Shanaz become PIC for conducting games.

The game is simple, it's an ordinary game-child game like throw and send back the water ballon, spoon and ping pong, tie up our legs and move front and back together, have the beach football game and etc. Mostly, I could say this is the best game for fun that I ever had. We can do cheats and tricks, throw any members to the sea and have photos of the events also.. (could not provide right now..maybe next time :) )

Me, front of the banner of silat cekak
Anak sapa nih?
Bg Jamal-have a talk of his experience in Silat Cekak
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Surface patch

1.Surface patch====

what we need;

universal rivet ms470, sketch of the patch and panel, sand paper, tools; rivet gun with straight sets, deburring tools, gleco, filling tools ,bucking bars, fastener pliers

what we do;

calculate the rivert including Ed(edge distance), Rd( rivet diameter),Nr(no of rivet),rl(rivet length).Then sketch onto the sheet of paper, make the photocopy, patch it onto the 2024 sheet metal. When done cut it through its size and shape of the patch and skins.

Filling the edge of the sheet metal, make the hole for the riveting on both skins and patch. Gleco by using sheet fastener pliers.

Cut the bottom of the rivet by using the rivet cutter. Say if the rd which is 3/32 so must add 2 plies of bottom steel of the rivet cutter to make it cut and firm to the patch and skin . Put that rivet into the hole of patch and skins and begin to riveting by using rivet gun and bucking bars. The shop head that was shaped from the pressed of bucking bars must be ½ to the original length of the rivet (that is the length of the rivet behind the panel).

Next----> will be on flush patch next time
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Quite magnificent

I Bink my eye.... and blink it again.... what all of sudden...

That is how I look onto the interior cockpit of the 787...really nice. I wonder If could have a seat in this airplane someday.


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