Dan sesungguhnya telah Kami berikan hikmat kepada Luqman, yaitu: "Bersyukurlah kepada Allah. Dan barangsiapa yang bersyukur (kepada Allah), maka sesungguhnya ia bersyukur untuk dirinya sendiri; dan barangsiapa yang tidak bersyukur, maka sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kaya lagi Maha Terpuji." (LUqman:12)

Metal wokshop

Last thursday, we have entered the metal metal workshop situated behind our class. Our lecturer, en. Samsudin is the person that responsible to manage the workshop on that day. The task that we do is cut the metal, measure and reshaped it through the following diagram on the work sheet. Personally, I could say, I really amazed. Most of the thing that we learn in the classroom applied on that training such as use the pneumatic drill, right and left hand sissors, table drill, file etc. The last thing that we done on that metal is clean the metal surface with the sand paper. The reason, to make the metal surface become smooth and pretty cool.

Cutter that we used
Dividers: used to measuring the irregular lines. Sometimes we use it to make circle . Hand nibbler: how to us it? exactly, it acts like a punches or dies.
This metal sheet, 2024 Al-Alloy that has been drilling by using the pneumatic drill and table drill.

Last finishing: using the sand paper.
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