Dan sesungguhnya telah Kami berikan hikmat kepada Luqman, yaitu: "Bersyukurlah kepada Allah. Dan barangsiapa yang bersyukur (kepada Allah), maka sesungguhnya ia bersyukur untuk dirinya sendiri; dan barangsiapa yang tidak bersyukur, maka sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kaya lagi Maha Terpuji." (LUqman:12)

Visiting Ransangmas...source of GUndams and military models makers

Last week, my friend Hanifah , Azmil and I have make visited to Azmil's friend shops, Ransangmas located in Klang. From here to Klang takes almost 1 and half hour, really tired to drove the car . Well, it doesn't me to drove it. Hanifah does and I'm his co-pilot...

There, I saw a large collection of military and aircraft model ...and also Gundams present in his stores. 'His' that I refer is Azmil's friend , Rizal namanye...I could say he is the best maker on re-worked and retouching Gundams and Military models. Most of the models that he recently make has been painted with airbrush.cool isn't it?
I would like to buy this one, the Su-27 Flanker B. I want to touch up, paint it until it become another aircraft, maybe Su-35 BM...who knows....

Subahanallah...this one what I called it master piece weapon . Scale of 1:5 and have a good texture and detail parts like a real one.

Want to know about Ransangmas, you can visit to Rizal website here
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